Like many younger voters, I feel compelled to get active due to the threats against our environment, wages, healthcare and housing, often imposed on the public by the GOP.


I have felt the effects of these policies in my own life- my mother passed away when I was just 14, and suddenly my father and I relied only on his meager salary as an adjunct professor. Though we had it far easier than many lower income people, the threat of losing our healthcare was always on our minds as the GOP has been hellbent on destroying the Affordable Care Act. Like a lot of my generation, I had to take on debt to get through college. In the meantime, I worked jobs in fast food with poverty wages, no benefits and harsh working conditions. After graduating, I began work in political organizing. While it offers much better pay and benefits than I have been used to, I will always remember the days working 8 hours straight dishwashing, cleaning and dealing with angry customers.


My experiences definitely shaped my worldview, and have pushed me to take up initiatives that will alleviate the suffering of poor people. I believe every Floridian deserves a living wage, no bullshit healthcare, a right to affordable housing, clean water, and a pollutant free environment. My Republican opponents may give lip service to many of these issues but fail to enact any meaningful reform. They refuse to expand Medicaid, oppose a living wage for all Floridians, exploit our budget to take funds from affordable housing initiatives, and support the very industries that are polluting our water.



This campaign is a people oriented project. We will ensure that our taxes and resources are going to things that help the general good, not the typical schemes we see in Tallahassee. Please join us in bringing real change to District 76!

My name is Anselm Weber and I am running for State House Legislature District 76 of Florida! I have lived in Southwest Florida for most of my life, so I grasp the unique issues that are facing the region.

Meet Anselm